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Links in this section point to files on CD-ROM "Ok Tedi Pages" by "Save the Elbe". On the internet, see general adresses below. 
  • Heinrich Harrer: Ich komme aus der Steinzeit (I come from Stone Age); Ullstein Verlag, 1963
  • Gerry Schuurkamp: The Min of the Papua Newguinea Star Mountains; edited by Ok Tedi Mining Limited, 1995
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited: Ok Tedi 24:00 (a photograph compilation of one day in August 1983)
  • Department of Mining and Petroleum , sponsored by OTML: Ok Tedi, the Environment & You; 1994
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited: Annual Review 1997
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited: several studies in folder "otml" on CD-ROM
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited: Mine Closure Plan; Part 1 Rehabilitation and Closure Plan; Part 2 Social and Sustainable Development Issues in Relation to Mine Closure; December 2000
  • Ok Tedi Mining Limited: Tok Tedi Magazine; quaterly journal for general public
  • World Bank Report Ok Tedi, Mrz 2000; published by MPI, Australia, on Internet
  • The Smoking Gun Files: studies proove, that the environmental desaster was known to BHP and PNG government before; published by MPI, Australia, on Internet
  • Peer Review Report: Assesment of OTML's environmental plans by a peer scientist group; published by MPI, Australia, on Internet
  • Starnberger Institut, im Auftrag des Missionswerks der Evang.-Luth. Kirche in Bayern: Entwicklung und Umwelt, konomisch-kologische Entwicklung in Papua-Neuguinea (Starnberg Institute, by order of Missionworks of the Evangelical.Lutheran Church in Bavaria: Development and Environment, Economic-Ecologic Development in Papua Newguinea); 1991
  • Jrg Hettler: Bergbau und Umwelt in Papua-Neuguinea - die Ok Tedi Mine und das Fly River Flusskosystem (Mining and Environment in Papua Newguinea - Ok Tedi Mine and the Fly River Ecosystem); Promotionsarbeit FU Berlin, mit Untersttzung des UNEP (Thesis University Berlin, supported by UNEP), Berliner Geowissenschaftliche Abhandlungen, Reihe A, Band 176, 1995
  • Umweltschutzgruppe Physik/Geowissenschaften: Glnzende Geschfte - Umwelt hin, Geld her; (Environment Protection Group Physics/Geosciences: Bright Business - Environment Gone, Money Come) Hamburg 1985
  • Ullmann's Enzyclopedia of Technical Chemistry (4th edition, 1985): Copper
  • Electronic Arts 3DAtlas: copper statistics
  • Broken Hill Proprietary: several studies in folder "bhp" on CD-ROM
  • Global Mining Initiative: several studies in folder "globalmining" on CD-ROM
  • Mineral Policy Institute: several editions of "Mining Monitor" in folder "mpi" on CD-ROM



  • ESRI: general digital maps of the world, complimentary with ESRI GIS products; maps provided on this CD-ROM were partly prepared and compiled with the software Arcview; Arcexplorer, distributed freely by ESRI, may be installed to PCs running under Windows9x/NT (sorry, no GIS on the Mac), to view and query the maps provided. Please install Arcexplorer 2 from CD-ROM. See ESRI for later versions and for LINUX.
  • Pennsylvania State University Library: the basic maps of PNG were downloaded from this website
  • ATDI Cartography: digital elevation models and topgraphic maps are provided by this company on the web
  • USGS distributes a worldwide DEM with 30 arcseconds = 1 km resolution. A cut of Newguinea has been fitted to the map package on this CD ROM
  • US NASA distributes worldwide satellite views with 30 m resolution under Earth Science Applications Directorat
  • Idrisi: a GIS used to calculate DEM from digitized contour lines, as applied for the Mt. Fubilan pit model
  • PNG National Mapping Bureau: topographic map 1:100,000, aerial foto Mt. Fubilan
  • National Geographic on the Web: East India - Australia map
  • Map Package Mining in PNG: see folder "png_map" on CD-ROM
  • Map Package Elbe-catchment in Europe: see folder "euro_map" on CD-ROM

Pictures & Media

  • Pictures, fotos, and video clips taken by the author (Save the Elbe), unless stated else. Videoclips are provided on CD-ROM only.
  • Videos are in a compressed Quicktime-*.mov format. This should run on a Mac without problem. For Windows,  Quicktime for Win may be installed from CD ROM.
  • Several publications provided by OTML, see text
  • Traditional Music from the Western Province, edited on tape by Frederic Duvelle, Institute of Papua Newguinea Studies, distributed by National Museum, Port Moresby

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