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Ok Tedi Mine - Digging a Pit

The digital elevation model of Mt. Fubilan demonstrates the stages of mining. The DEM was produced by digitizing the contours from the topographic map, scale 1:100,000, provided by the National Mapping Bureau of PNG. The DEM first is draped by the topographic map and then by an aerial photograph (source NMB), both representing the situation in 1973. The view is from south, 10° to west. The top of the DEM is at 2200 m, the base at 1200 m above sea level. (Tabubil is located on an 800 m plateau). 

The animated pictures scetch the progation of the pit from the first removal of the gold cap in 1984 to the final depth of the bottom at 1300 m in 2010.

At the time of our vistit, the bottom was marked at 1700 m.

See the mining video!

 OTML's mark on the bottom

Step for step the hole is blasted into the ground

Boom! Foto from G.Schuurkamp's book

Digging a terrace

Step by step

 Dumping the Waste

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